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Ultrasound Diagnostics and Guided Procedures, EMGs, Spasticity Management, Physical Occupational and Speech Therapy referrals, Coordination of Care with Primary Care Physicians and Medical Specialists, Disability Rating Evaluations

What conditions do physiatrists treat?

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  • Ultrasound diagnostics

    Ultrasound diagnostics

    Musculoskeletal Ultrasound uses sound waves that give information about the structure of tendons, ligaments, bones and joints. This diagnostic modality has several great advantages: -The exam is done in the office -There is no radiation , unlike X-ray or CT…

  • Medical Management

    Medical Management

    We treat people-not just symptoms. Therefore we take the time to understand the needs of our patients and explain treatment options. Our group has a close working relationship with local Medical Specialists, Physical Therapists, Surgeons, Prosthetists and Adaptive Equipment vendors. We…

  • Joint, Muscle and Tendon Interventional Treatment

    Joint, Muscle and Tendon Interventional Treatment

    Our Providers have vast experience  in providing a variety of interventional treatments Joint and Muscle Injections We perform joint injections with Steroid or Hyaluronic Acid( joint healing medicine) to relieve acute or chronic pain in a joint and quickly restore function. This is frequently…

  • Electrodiagnostic Evaluations/EMG

    Electrodiagnostic Evaluations/EMG

    Nerve Conduction Studies ( NCS) This study allows the physician to determine if a patient has any damage or injury to the peripheral nerve, such as when Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Sciatic neuropathy occurs. The nerve is stimulated with very mild…

  • Osteopathic manipulation

    Osteopathic manipulation

    Osteopathic manipulative treatment ( OMT) is hands-on care. Many of our providers are Doctors of Osteopathy ( DOs), who in addition to learning  all other medical disciplines, receive  training in manual treatment for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. The osteopathic medical…

  • Permanent Impairment Rating Evaluations and Independent Medical Evaluations

    Permanent Impairment Rating Evaluations and Independent Medical Evaluations

    Once a person reaches Maximal Medical Improvement(MMI), a Permanent Impairment Rating evaluation(PIR) may be performed. In these cases, a physician thoroughly reviews all related medical records and obtains a detailed history from the patient. A physical examination is performed and…