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Joint, Muscle and Tendon Interventional Treatment

Joint, Muscle and Tendon Interventional Treatment

Our Providers have vast experience  in providing a variety of interventional treatments

Joint and Muscle Injections

We perform joint injections with Steroid or Hyaluronic Acid( joint healing medicine) to relieve acute or chronic pain in a joint and quickly restore function. This is frequently done with the guidance of ultrasound, which allows for precise localization of the injection, as well as better procedure outcome.

PRP treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma( PRP) injections are performed to accelerate healing in tendons. This procedure is done by extracting a small amount of blood from a patient and injecting a concentrated amount of blood plasma to build new ligament or tendon in the areas where it has become weak or injured. To create PRP , the blood is drawn and placed in a special centrifuge to separate platelets and growth factors from the rest of the blood. The physician then uses guidance of ultrasound to inject PRP into the desired ligament or tendon, which eventually allows for accelerated natural  healing and more complete restoration of the ligament or tendon function.

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Trigger Point Injections

Trigger point injections are muscle injections done to relieve pain from either acute or chronic muscle injury resulting in developing muscle “knots” which “trigger” pain. To minimize pain during the procedure a local anesthetic is used.  Frequently, the injection will result in a muscle twitch followed by relief in pain.


Prolotherapy is a form of injection treatment recommended to treat instability of ligaments and tendons. A proliferant solution is used for the injection, which stimulates the body’s healing response. The average number of injections is 3 to 6 for an area treated. The usual time between injection treatments is 3-4 weeks.

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